August 25, 2009

Waning Days of Summer

Yesterday's post was all about fall, but today I'd like to slow down and enjoy the waning days of summer. Here's my Etsy roundup of everything you'll need to celebrate the season.

First, throw on this Mexican Bird Sunshine dress from JessJamesJake and call up your friends!

Pair the dress with these perfect summer hoops from Favor Jewelry. I picked up a pair myself and have been wearing them with everything!

You and your guests can recline on Plum Cushion's Palm Springs terry cloth cushions:

Sip margaritas served in this green glass pitcher from Sparker Shop:

Serve appetizers on these sunny yellow platters:

Wrap up with dessert in these fetching yellow sorbet cups:

And ensure you'll enjoy summer all year long by picking up a print from JP Greenwood:

Top photo also from JP Greenwood.

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