July 24, 2010


This summer, I am making my way through our home, zone by zone, purging, organizing and trying to make things feel more "finished." I am currently trying to wrap-up the bedroom. With its wall-of-closet, this is no small task.

I still have sweaters to fold and a mattress to save for, but I can't stop thinking about lighting. Perhaps it is because the lighting is so poor at the moment. With navy walls, and at the back of our loft, the bedroom is cave-like, which I love. What I don't love is trying to read in bed at night. I go all squinty.

Enter my new obsession with bedroom lighting.

Sure, I'd love to spring for a pair of Jieldes.

But that probably won't happen. So I'm surfing ebay for something industrial, but I am also really digging the Hinge by CB2. But at 60W I fear they won't be bright enough....

July 22, 2010


My mom has always been a beach comber. She loves finding shells and odd things on the beach to research and display at home or on my parents' boat. Last summer she took several of the abalone shells she'd collected and assembled them as wall art... I'll have to dig up some pictures to share because it turned out beautifully.

When I saw this Abalone Shell Mirror from Jayson Home & Garden on Mrs. Lillien's blog, I immediately thought of mom. A new project, perhaps?

July 3, 2010

Looking for an excuse to buy this graphic snake dress by Tory Burch...