January 18, 2010

Trailer Love

While perusing Craigslist yesterday for Pee Wee Herman tickets, I meandered into a search for vintage trailers. How did I get there? Not sure. But now I want one... bad. Maybe it's because I watched Lucy and Desi in The Long, Long Trailer too many times as a kid.

But seriously, don't you think this pink travel trailer could be a beauty?

I imagine transforming it into something like the Enjoy Cupcakes trailer below, which I have seen in person on a trip to Los Olivos and it is ADORABLE!

And of course, I would kit-out the inside with Trina Turk fabric like the Adelante Boutique trailer in Austin. Don't you love the puff ball trim on that curtain?!

And if you've never seen it, you really must check out The Long, Long Trailer. Perfect for a rainy afternoon like today.

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