July 24, 2010


This summer, I am making my way through our home, zone by zone, purging, organizing and trying to make things feel more "finished." I am currently trying to wrap-up the bedroom. With its wall-of-closet, this is no small task.

I still have sweaters to fold and a mattress to save for, but I can't stop thinking about lighting. Perhaps it is because the lighting is so poor at the moment. With navy walls, and at the back of our loft, the bedroom is cave-like, which I love. What I don't love is trying to read in bed at night. I go all squinty.

Enter my new obsession with bedroom lighting.

Sure, I'd love to spring for a pair of Jieldes.

But that probably won't happen. So I'm surfing ebay for something industrial, but I am also really digging the Hinge by CB2. But at 60W I fear they won't be bright enough....

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