April 16, 2009

Easter Weekend

Easter this year was spent out at my parents' house in La Quinta, California with my husband, cousins and of course, my parents.  Saturday found the ladies shopping and the men playing a round of golf.  On Sunday we hung around the house, but it was by no means a slow day!  My mom organized an egg hunt (keep in mind that all of the 'children' are 29+ years old) and we all watched the Masters.  Malvina and I made the bunny cake pictured below using a cake mold from Williams Sonoma (it looks like the ladies at Atlantis Home had the same idea!).  We took advantage of the surrounding citrus trees by adding orange juice and lemon and tangerine zest to our cake batter. Next, we pasted the bunny's two halves together with homemade lemon frosting and finished it off with a dusting of powdered sugar.  Before going home, we all spent the afternoon picking grapefruit from the tress behind my parents' house.  It was a great weekend that went by much too quickly!

Citrus Bunny Cake

Adam taking a turn with the fruit picker.

Robert jumping for fruit.

I couldn't resist... a shot of Mr. B lounging in the grass.


judy aldridge said...

Love your bunny cake--I showed Carol and she wants to try this one too---judy

dogimo said...

MR. B IS ADOR-able!

Sparker said...

Thanks, Dogimo!

His full name is Bruiser and he's one cute little yorkie!