May 2, 2009

Go Forth and Eat With Confidence

Food writers Brooke Burton and Leah Greenstein of the blogs and jolted the food blogging community this week with the introduction of the Food Blog Code of Ethics.  Written to "draw attention to the food bloggers who hold themselves to higher standards," The Code reflects the guidelines most print food journalists follow.  

Between a write-up in the New York Times and being the topic of discussion among many a foodie, these ladies have struck a chord.  I personally take reviews online with a grain of salt, but with the introduction of these guidelines, I know that bloggers whom adhere to The Code are on a different level.  I can read their reviews and opinions with a grain of salt (because after all, we all have differing opinions), but know that the writers are fair and forthright.  

So when looking to food blogs to set the course for your dining experience, will you seek out sites that follow The Code?

On a food-related note, I ate this pork French dip 
sandwich at Cole's this afternoon.


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