October 14, 2009

Divine Bovine

It's no secret, I love cows. In fact, I am borderline obsessed with them. Just ask my husband. Our drives through central California are always peppered with, "Cow!" "Look - cows!" and "BABY cows!!"

Combine my love for heifers with this post on photographer Sharon Montrose's blog and it is almost too much to handle.

Now, the only decision is which one (or ones?) to purchase. Fortunately, I will have a few weeks to decide as Sharon says she'll be selling the prints in her Etsy shop in time for the holidays.

Which would YOU choose?


tenthings. said...

Hi Suzy!

I love Sharon's work I have the tortoise and the baby deer. These cows look great in a series. I think if I could only choose one, I might go with the last one, but it's a super hard decision. I love them all!


Suzy Parker LaCroix said...

I agree - it will be a tough choice... I may have to do a grouping of three.

Mallie Bee said...

I promise you cows are not that exciting when you see them everyday hahaha but baby cows are aaaaaalways cute thats for sure!