October 11, 2009

Peg Board Realized

After scouring design blogs for inspiration, my peg board dream has been realized.

It started with a sketch my dad and I drew during a brainstorming session and then we were off to the hardware store where I tried to find an excuse to purchase this neon pink string.

Next, we had the peg board cut to size.

Then we picked out some spray paint and got to work. Dad had the entire thing put together in a flash! My contribution consisted of fetching tools, tightening a few screws and spray painting the finished product.

Yesterday, Sparker Shop packed up and went to the Silver Lake Art Craft & Vintage Fair where the peg board had its trial run. I think it was quite fetching!

The booth was organized and eye-catching and I was so proud when I heard a woman remark to her friend that it looked "well edited."

I am so pleased with the way the booth is looking, but now I have many more ideas to implement! The next project will be having a custom canopy made - anyone know a good seamstress in Los Angeles?

And because I couldn't resist, here's a picture of one of the highlights of the day, a mango ice cream and sugar cookie ice cream sandwich from Coolhaus. Delicious!

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shen_nanigans said...

I love that pink string! but I'd love that mango ice cream even more! :D